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What is a Cookie?

Websites or emails may set small text files called cookies on your computer. They inform the website or email sender. As a user, you can save time by not having to submit information every time you visit a website. Cookies allow the sender to deliver the information you desire and evaluate how people interact with the page.

The cookies used by are:

  • Session cookies (deleted after each visit)
  • Cookies (typically stored for 1 year)

3rd Party (Used by Our Approved Business Partners)

Some of these cookies are required to use our website, while others are optional.

Essential Cookies

Certain cookies are required to get the most out of our website. These cookies are used just during your visit to and are removed when you leave. These cookies aren’t saved on your computer and don’t contain personal information.

Here is a list of cookies we use and how we use them:

Session Cookies

This cookie lets you perform vital operations on our website, such temporarily saving content in a “cache”. Using caching reduces the need to send data every time you visit a new page on our website. This cookie does not stay on your computer and expires when you leave our website.

Non-Essential Cookies

These cookies are usually for stats. Here is a list of non-essential cookies we use and how we utilize them:

Google Analytics Cookies

This is a Google web analytics tool that allows us to track repeat visitors to our website. We can record particular surfing information about each visitor by matching anonymous, randomly generated IDs. This type of data allows us to constantly improve our website. This cookie stores no personal data while you browse our website.

Google retains ownership of the data collected through Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel Cookies

The website uses Facebook cookies. Facebook Pixel cookies collect data on website traffic, improve website content, and target adverts, including analyzing ad-website interactions. This cookie collects HTTP headers and pixel-specific data.

Aside from IP addresses, HTTP headers contain information about the browser and the page. The pixel ID and the Facebook Pixel cookie are pixel-specific data.

Advertisement Cookies

There are adverts from third-party suppliers on These cookies enable the provider and their advertisers track the success of their adverts and make them more relevant to you (eg if you use our website from a specific country, you will see ads from that country).

Accept or Block Cookies

By using our website, you agree to allow us to place essential and non-essential cookies on your computer. You can erase them at any time via your browser settings, but this will impair our website’s functioning and user experience. You can also block cookies from specific websites using your browser’s settings.

  • Accepting or banning cookies affects all users of a shared computer.
  • Personal information
  • The site does not gather personal information such as name, address, or social security number.

Newsletter and Email Addresses

Every week or two, we send out newsletters with industry news, current promotions and bonuses from the online casinos we partner with.

You may only subscribe to our newsletter by filling out one of the forms on our website. For our newsletter, we use a third-party technology ( The Newsletter Plugin ).

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you must confirm by clicking a link in an email. We do this to validate all registered email addresses. When you register, we get your email address, but we also get your IP address and the web address you were at when you registered. If you click a link in a newsletter, your email address may appear in our internal newsletter log.