Casinoslotsplay.co.uk was launched in 2017 by Spike Marketing to provide safe casino experiences to UK gamers. It all started after a great lunch and cocktails at a restaurant in Malta to celebrate a new financial web platform.

While working on this website, one of the authors won the British Tipping gaming monopoly in 2003, which led to the demise of many popular physical slot machines across the country, attracting many British players to online casinos where they could still spin the reels on the same slot machines, but now online.

The meal conversation drifted to the British authorities’ inability to see the forest for the trees. Maybe they still believed that the British Tipping could develop games that would entertain the British, even if everyone agreed that the train had long since past. Or British Tipping simply refuses to absorb annual losses of billions of kroner. The money they could earn if they regulated betting and authorized UK-based online casinos. Over £3.5 billion was wagered at international internet casinos in 2017. Also, more Brits are turning to internet casinos.

The Swedes recently created an online casino and introduced a licensing framework, following the British lead. This gives British and Swedish online casino players more protection as they do not have to deal with unlicensed players. Meanwhile, the British and Swedish governments pour billions in year.

Since the UK authorities are still keeping their heads in the sand (or mountains), the idea of making it safer for Brits to play online casinos came up that night in Malta. After all, playing online casinos in the UK is legal, even if running one is not.

How can we make online gambling safer for Brits? We all felt that it would be better for gamers if we created an independent website that provided objective reviews of online casinos, slot machines, and other games. We knew it would be a large job at the time. After all, you need to evaluate hundreds of online casinos and thousands of games to tell the honest from the dishonest. They exist, as in every other industry.

We were so excited that night that work began the next morning. Obsessed with the thought of writing about safe and serious online casinos, we looked forward to it like kids on Christmas Eve.

That night, casinoslotsplay.co.uk appeared. We intended to rank casinos and slot machines.

Our independence and neutrality, which we considered and continue to feel are some of our greatest strengths, would have been compromised if we had been backed by a significant actor. Other online casino guides and portals exist, but their primary purpose is to entice you into the casinos owned by their corporations.